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Hereunder is a compilation of some of my quotations and rhetoric involving topics that relate to the human interface and anthropology and they have been drawn from personal and social experiences. Each piece is authentic and plagiarism-free.(sic). If a piece resembles your work, be assured that it might be a good coincidence or an instance of an irony of situation. The dates you see affixed there-with each piece imply the year of conception. Please read on...

More extent than less of any other thought shows that learning and acquisition of all imaginable skills are by imitation; one modest complement being by innate capacities. Jerry Williams (2004)

Relationships between individuals are determined by the factors regarding status. The greater the circumstances of one over the other, the greater the submission of the slighter. The opposite is true. But if a par exists, antagonism and two-facedness is the rule of thumb. Bravery impels the slighter to embrace the criteria of the parity. Jerry Williams (July 2008)

Performance is the customized artifact of simulated competence. Jerry Williams (July 2008)

A virtuous relationship warrants wearing the other’s shoes. Jerry Williams (July 2008)

Wisdom is a variable and an end product of accrued knowledge which have been applied and lived through successfully or not during the highbrow maturity of an adult. But ageing is not necessarily a cinch to acquit oneself brilliantly of the subject matter, rather the allowance to acquire knowledge. Circumscription from elaborate access to information is the main constraint. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

The prevention of memory loss is the perpetual acquisition of knowledge and employing them in social interface. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

Being inebriated or seized with temporary unconsciousness doesn’t always preempt one from the ability of withdrawing a measure of the information on the event that happened during the course of the incapability. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

In pursuance of the view that the Earth is a globe, why aren’t the edges tangible? Why is the only orifice upward? Jerry Williams (1980)

Mindful of the need for first hand witnessing and caught on camera phenomenon, mindful of the contingency to loose experiences and events caught on camera amidst events imbibed with jeopardy to the promoter and or eventual loss of both the producer and product of potential immemorial, shouldn't there be the allowance for science and technology to conceive a scheme to fill this niche by the application of embedded transmitters on a visual recordable gadget to a world wide satellite to capture signals of these gadgets either automated by the proprietor or by obligation? Whereof an instance of the event of a plane crashing, immortalized by a camcorder and its owner but who unfortunately is minutes away from demise would be captured and archived by such an incumbency. Jerry Williams (July 2008 )

The liquid from the flesh of a crab could take over one month under normal house temperature to evaporate completely. Jerry Williams (2008)

In every presentation that is delivered by whosoever, only 40% is absolute truth. Another 40% is embellishment and hypocrisy on one side of the coin and exaggeration and camaraderie on the other; the former pertaining to one’s ingratiation and the latter, one’s maliciousness. A 20% for the sake of the convenience to connect. Jerry Williams (July 2008)

If the cost of Salvation were a cross, then it should take a big cross to bridge the path to eternity. Christians should endure their hurdle as Jesus Christ Himself lived through on Earth. Be oblivious of all predicaments, shortcomings, failures, tribulations etc just as Job did. Whereof our crucible on steadfastness in the faith of God. Jerry Williams (Dec. 2008)

The task to forget and forgive is a crucible the human mechanism finds impossible to pass. Propriety norms if at all applied are temporary impediments. Before long some misgivings set rolling the viral wheels of vicious reminiscing and our thoughts are taken over anew by the mishap of odium towards a former adversary. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

Many marriages have been terminated because of popular models vis-à-vis individual affidavits on their downs to potential parties who are in the course of securing one. Fear-mongering becomes the primary activity of the anguished causing their contagion to populate interfaces and disillusions their ultimate upshot. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

First-time careers jobs as opposed to their professional equivalents are always ugly to beginners albeit practically the most significant seeing that they are the threshold experience providers. The irony is, they are the stepping stones for human resources and never the career profile everyone wants to end up with. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

Love implies forfeiting a big thing to a slighter and vice versa. Whichever side of the coin would label love. Everything being equal. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

Whenever I prayed to request something, then would I become fervently religious than erstwhile. But you know, God is not a vend machine which doesn’t know if the credit card is yours or not. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

Kindness is a virtue that causes oblivion to its benefactor amid the spiteful history in its various degrees of the promoter. No grey spot exists between the subject matter and its contrast. Jerry Williams (Dec 2008)

Each New Year brings in contingencies of which the happy ones are rarely occasioned in spite of the threshold wish. This dictum, that perspective, this Happy New Year.

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